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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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The fraudulent ralliers

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As part of its coverage of the fighting between Israel and Hamas, CTV National News last weekend also reported upon the many demonstrations against Israel here in Canada and around the world.

The writer of the news spot charitably characterized the anti-Israel protests as being conducted by “concerned Canadians rally[ing] for peace.”

The charity was misplaced.

Most of these concerned Canadians have one singular obsession: they don’t really want a Jewish state to exist in the Middle East.

Among the organizations calling out their demonstration troops and leading the charge against Israel were, for example, the Palestinian Solidarity Network and the Coalition Against War and Racism.

As of this writing, on Nov. 18, protests had taken place in every major city across the country.

CTV National News reported that Peggy Morton from the Coalition Against War and Racism said, “We organized emergency demonstrations across Canada in quite a few cities to call on the international community to immediately put a stop to the bombing and terrible aggression against Gaza. What is said is that some rockets were fired in response to some Palestinians being killed, so that’s the pretext to launch all-out attacks. If these rockets were sent, how is that a justification for collective punishment on the people of Gaza?” (My emphasis)

CTV also reported the following statement on the website of the Canadian Alliance for Peace: “The Canadian Peace Alliance condemns this collective punishment of the people of Gaza, who have endured a life under siege for years. We call on our member groups and supporters to endorse and join demonstrations across Canada in opposition to these brutal attacks. It is time for the people of Canada and the official opposition to stand on the side of peace and justice and condemn these illegal attacks.”

In addition to marching in the Canadian cities, the anti-Israel protesters marched in New York, Paris, Sydney and every large city in Italy, urging governments to “to put an end to the massacre of Palestinian people in Gaza and to stop the Israeli war machine.”

An online anti-Israel group calling itself Electronic Intifada sprang into action the day after Israel retaliated against Hamas, heralding a co-ordinated network of worldwide demonstrations against the Jewish state with the following announcement: “While Israel’s aggressions continue to mount against people in Gaza, activists around the world are planning emergency protests.”

The list of the locations of the subsequent protests in North America was helpfully compiled by a group called The Jewish Voice for Peace.

The brazen fraudulence of the names of these various organizations – save for the Palestinian Solidarity Network, which lets you know exactly for whom they troll – is matched only by the breathtaking ignorance or willful blindness or transparent malevolence of their leaders’ statements. Their accusations, slogans and rhetoric are simply another form of their contempt for the truth.

The facts should be told.