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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Books for children

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I Go to the Dentist is a positive, upbeat tale of a visit to the dentist by two young children and their mother. The mother and her young son watch smilingly as the little girl sits in the dentist’s chair.

Told in playful rhyme, reminiscent of a kindergarten nursery tale, I Go to the Dentist is the most recent offering of the seven-piece set in the Toddler Experience series by Hachai Publishing, based in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Written and illustrated by Rikki Benenfeld, the book is a light and delightful text colourfully illustrated on each page. In keeping with Hachai Publishing’s mission, the story comes with a theological message that buttresses the story’s cheerful message.

* * *

Kishka for Koppel (Orca Book Publishers) is a heartwarming tale of magic and unbelievable events in the lives of a poor husband and wife, Koppel and Yetta. 

Koppel is a junk collector who works hard, struggles to make a living and loves his wife very much. They live in a simple home. And it is obvious that their lives are not easy.

But Koppel and Yetta’s lives change forever when Koppel brings home a magic meat grinder. Imagine! A meat grinder that has such fantastic powers and spellbinding abilities that it can change the world. 

And it does change Koppel and Yetta’s world. The old married couple has a wild adventure as they cope with the magic of the meat grinder and the consequences of their wishes.

Aubrey Davis has written a clever, playful story for young children loaded with wondrous surprises, happiness, a bit of heartbreak, a lot of kishka and a great deal of special meaning. 

Sheldon Cohen’s illustrations are full-bodied, richly coloured and add extra nuance to Davis’ words. Young readers will be delighted with the story.

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