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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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The ‘3 Dreidels’ perform for Chanukah

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From left, Sonshine, Burford and Kayla get into the Chanukah spirit for their concert on Dec. 4. [Andrew Muroff photo]

This Chanukah, there will be three spinning dreidels that you won’t want to miss.

The festival of lights will bring the first-ever collaboration of children’s entertainment duo Sonshine and Broccoli and children’s singer Kayla for a holiday concert and party. The three have named themselves “The 3 D’s,” with the “D” standing for dreidels.

Lisa Sonshine and Brock (Broccoli) Burford have been performing together for about eight years, and Kayla has been a children’s entertainer for more than 20 years. They met at a concert of children’s entertainers a year ago and almost immediately came up with the idea to collaborate.

“Beyoncé would collaborate with Celine Dion, why wouldn’t Sonshine and Broccoli collaborate with Kayla?” said Sonshine, laughing.

She added that she and Burford are thrilled to be working with Kayla, a pioneer of the children’s entertainment industry in Toronto. “Kayla started this all,” she said. “She started children’s music and sing-along circles in Toronto.”

Though their singing styles are different – “a lot of Kayla’s songs are more storytelling, and a lot of Sonshine and Broccoli songs are more rocking out,” said Burford – they worked to create a cohesive show, combining their different styles. “It’s not my show, your show – it’s our show,” said Kayla.

The three settled on a Chanukah show to give Jewish families a fun activity at a time of year when many children’s shows tend to be Christmas-themed. “There’s not so much out there for Jewish kids around the holiday time,” said Sonshine. The last time Sonshine and Broccoli had a Chanukah show was three years ago, and they felt they were long overdue for another one.

The three entertainers regularly perform for different communities, but the idea of a special Chanukah performance was an exciting prospect for them. “Being Jewish, it gives us an opportunity to share our heritage, our roots,” said Kayla.

The Spinning Tops Chanukah Concert and Party features the trio, as well as a full band, a DJ from Superfly Entertainment and a balloon maker. “It’s a family event – there’s really something for everyone,” said Kayla.

Sonshine, Burford and Kayla have decided to donate partial proceeds from their ticket sales to Three to Be, a charity that supports research for treatments and therapies for childhood neurological disorders. Supporting a children’s charity was important to the three artists, as they perform mainly for kids.

For Sonshine, the best thing about performing for children is not just the delight it brings them, but the fun in creating the material. “It’s the biggest joy to be able to get into the mind of a child,” she said.

Since announcing their collaboration, The 3 D’s are finding that young fans and their families are counting the days to the big event. Sonshine said she and Burford have been stopped several times by eager parents and kids while they were out running errands. “The feedback I’ve gotten so far is that people can’t wait. They’re so excited!” she said.

For tickets to the Chanukah concert and party, on Dec. 4 at 11 a.m. and at 4 p.m., at Bayview Glen Upper School, call 1-800-838-3006 or visit www.brownpapertickets.com/event/208208. For more information, visit www.sonshineandbroccoli.com.


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