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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Israel promotes water technology

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How can Israel extend the way it communicates its message about its capabilities with regard to water? Is there a more effective way to help companies that have unique water-related solutions bring them forward to a market beyond Israel?

Perhaps a lesson can be taken and modified from the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. One of the new fronts that appeared during the conflict was the use of social media by various Israeli organizations.

Israel was trying to influence a new generation of advocates by providing information in short bursts through Twitter, and then in more detail on other socialmedia channels and supporting videos on YouTube that gave even more details.

This “air cover” approach influenced the direction of some of the stories that eventually appeared in traditional mainstream media such as television, radio and newspapers. The information was also used by speakers at traditional rallies organized by Jewish organizations in support of Israel. The story about Israel and water could leverage some of the lessons learned in this recent conflict.

It is important that people who support Israel gain a high level understanding of what drives Israel when it comes to water. When the right opportunity presents itself with the right people, communicating a small amount of information about Israel’s capabilities can open up a door of opportunity that might otherwise have remained closed.

I recently used my own network to work with a number of social-media groups on LinkedIn to track down a number of short videos that would provide air coverage about Israel and water. Through online discussions with other like-minded advocates for Israeli technology and sustainable water practices we identified a number of videos that could get a clear message across. 

Israel NEWTech, Novel Efficient Water Technologies, has been responsible for making Israel’s case in the cleantech space, and opening the way for Israeli companies to gain recognition and business on the world stage.

Israel – Cleantech in the Making, is a two-minute YouTube video produced by Israel NEWTech. It highlights Israel’s capabilities in both water and renewable energy. If you want to get a general idea about water the first minute of this video gives you that information.

Israeli Water Technology is a five-minute video that then goes slightly deeper into Israel’s water capabilities. The video provides examples of how Israeli water technology and know-how have been deployed in Israel and around the world to provide solutions for water management, water flow control, drip irrigation, recycling and reclamation, purification and water treatment and desalination.

An eight-minute video by Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company brings the story together in the context of how solutions referenced above not only plug into the national water system but serve as a research and development hub and a proving ground to help with technology and know-how export.

This sets the stage for a more targeted business discussion, where you match the specific water needs of a client with the water capabilities that the Israeli companies can offer.  Next month, a look at traditional water-related conferences and new collaborative approaches to bringing people together around water.

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