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Saturday, August 30, 2014

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News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
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ReWalk, which helps the paralyzed walk, goes public

Wednesday August 27, 2014
The Israeli-developed exoskeleton system is ready for prime time, with an IPO set for next month

Is Hamas really ISIS?

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Netanyahu insists it is. In fact, there are key similarities and differences between the two terror groups, as well as costs and benefits to the comparison

UN: Executions a ‘common spectacle’ in jihadist-held Syria

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Probe also finds that Assad forces used chemical weapons on at least eight occasions last April

Two empty kindergartens in Lod set ablaze

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Motive of attack unclear; municipality pledges to open facilities on time

Israeli agrotech: Game changer for Virginia

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Taking life sciences as a model, Gateway USA is looking at agricultural solutions developed in Israel

Iraq hits jihadists as US mulls more airstrikes, aid drops

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Fears of ‘massacre’ as some 12,000 Turkmen trapped in the northern town run low on food and water

Michael O’Leary wants ‘Israeli Ryanair’

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Belfast Telegraph: The entrepreneur who brought low-cost travel Europe sees Israel as a market ripe for the picking

Wall Street’s new tech darling: Mobileye

Wednesday August 27, 2014
CNN Money: investors are loving the newly-minted shares of Israel’s road safety tech company

Ceasefire sparks storm of criticism against Netanyahu

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Disapproval from allies, opposition exposes rifts in prime minister’s coalition

Who won the war? It’s a stupid question

Wednesday August 27, 2014
The Gaza conflict wasn’t a discreet event that began this summer and it didn’t end with the ceasefire agreement

Radar barrier could detect Gaza tunnels, experts say

Wednesday August 27, 2014
US has used ground-penetrating radar to look for tunnels at home and abroad; experts call it best hope for Israel

Calling it a day

Wednesday August 27, 2014
With the Gaza operation ostensibly over, the Hebrew papers offer fierce criticism of the PM and a portrait of a disillusioned public

In wake of war, leftist ‘self-hating Jews’ find a voice

Wednesday August 27, 2014
With attention-getting civil disobedience tactics, Jewish Voice for Peace is increasingly loved by unaffiliated US Jews — and loathed by the Jewish establishment

Noah Rubin’s excellent summer vacation

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Jewish Junior Wimbledon champ loses to 66th-ranked Federico Delbonis of Argentina

Bulgarian poet Valeri Petrov dies

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Born to a Jewish father and Bulgarian mother, the leftist activist participated in resistance against the pro-Nazi regime

Hamas’s humiliation, and Israel’s looming defeat

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Don’t be fooled. Hamas has capitulated to a ceasefire without any of its promised achievements. But Israel, too, will be a loser unless it changes its position on Mahmoud Abbas

Italian who beheaded maid wanted to fight Hamas, friend says

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Federico Leonelli wanted to ‘sign up at any cost,’ but reportedly had twice been denied visa to Israel

Why is the Zanoli affair newsworthy?

Wednesday August 27, 2014
When a Dutch man gave back his Righteous Among the Nations medal, it became an epic anti-Israel commentary

IDF officer injured as Islamist rebels take Syrian crossing

Wednesday August 27, 2014
IDF hits Syrian targets after soldier moderately wounded by errant fire during fighting in Syria; mortars hit Golan

Qatar says it’s ready to rebuild Gaza Strip

Wednesday August 27, 2014
Doha praises ‘resistance and sacrifices’ of Palestinians

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