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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
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UN diplomats examine Islamic State’s alleged crimes

Monday September 1, 2014
1,420 killed in Iraq during August as battles against jihadists continue, report finds

Saudi religious police beat up Brit

Monday September 1, 2014
Long-time kingdom resident reportedly attacked for paying a female supermarket cashier

Thousands rally in London against rising anti-Semitism

Monday September 1, 2014
UK Jewish community pulls together to say religious discrimination is not only a Jewish problem, but a British problem

Poland marks 75 years since invasion, warily eyes new conflict

Monday September 1, 2014
On anniversary of German blitz that sparked World War II, Warsaw’s Donald Tusk says it is ‘crucial’ to end Ukraine fighting

Joan Rivers on life support after throat surgery

Monday September 1, 2014
Family facing difficult decision on whether to turn off machines keeping comedienne alive

In London, a strong stand against rising anti-Semitism

Monday September 1, 2014
‘We see it, we hear it, and we feel it. It is there,’ chief rabbi says at protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice

West Bank land appropriation harming Israel, Livni says

Monday September 1, 2014
Justice minister says decision to seize about 1,000 acres will tarnish country’s reputation

Female rabbis crack the stained glass ceiling

Monday September 1, 2014
Does appointment of Yael Splansky and Angela Buchdahl to top positions at prestigious synagogues signal sea change?

Bibi, enough, I beg you

Monday September 1, 2014
Why, after 50 days of conflict, have you again chosen settlements over peace by seizing 1,000 acres of West Bank land?

South African Muslims sadly silent on Hamas

Monday September 1, 2014
The world would listen if you took a stance against radical Islam

Old is gold

Monday September 1, 2014
Employees over 50 years old are vital to Israel’s start-up enterprise

The Rabin-Netanyahu Palestinian policy

Monday September 1, 2014
There’s an unexpected correlation between the two Israeli leaders

Turkey detains dozens in new crackdown on alleged coup

Monday September 1, 2014
At least 20 police officers arrested; suspects accused of wiretapping phones, trying to overthrow government

Use of secular school building by ultra-Orthodox sparks outcry

Monday September 1, 2014
Beit Shemesh council member decries ‘creeping conquest’ after municipality rules Haredim may use empty classrooms

School is in, but out of cash

Monday September 1, 2014
Kids return to classes after a chaotic summer, but the Education Ministry gets a major budget cut at the 11th hour

Abbas prepares to get tough on Hamas, and on Israel

Monday September 1, 2014
The PA president won’t rebuild Gaza if Hamas stands in his way, and won’t work with Israel in the West Bank unless there is substantive progress toward Palestinian statehood

Gulf monarchies unite in panic over Islamic State

Monday September 1, 2014
Continued rampage of jihadist groups across Syria and Iraq overshadows concerns about Muslim Brotherhoodd

Islamic State targeted by Arab satire

Monday September 1, 2014
With their hallmark dark humor, Middle Eastern TV’s comedians poke fun at the jihadist group

Kerry said trying to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Monday September 1, 2014
US secretary of state reportedly suggests to Netanyahu new negotiations, release of fourth group of prisoners

Heavy fighting renews between Syrian army, rebels in Golan

Monday September 1, 2014
IDF closes off border area to civilians as battle rages in Syria for control of key Quneitra crossing; one mortar lands in Israel

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