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Friday, August 1, 2014

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In Netivot, facing a piece of the Gaza rocket threat

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Residents of the southern town stand firm despite ongoing missile fire from the Strip

Israel ‘disappointed’ by Latin American envoy recalls

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Foreign Ministry says moves by Chile, El Salvador, and Peru serve as encouragement of Hamas

Captured Hamas operative reveals paragliding attack plan

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Member of Gaza-based group confesses he trained in Malaysia to conduct raids on Israeli civilians from the air

50,000 meals a day among outpouring of support for IDF

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Doron Elbaz wanted to do something for soldiers, so he started a free lemonade stand. But then it grew

Jumping on the Hamas bandwagon

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Iran and Hezbollah are arming resistance in the West Bank and convincing Hamas to ally with the Assad regime

Envoy: Criticism of Kerry not from Netanyahu

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Despite reports of bad blood, Ambassador Ron Dermer says PM appreciates US secretary of state’s efforts to reach ceasefire

Sweet success

Wednesday July 30, 2014
We may have conquered smallpox and polio, but new killers have surfaced — and diabetes is one of the worst of them

Nano-sized propellers could revolutionize medicine

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Scientists have developed a near-molecule sized propulsion system to move medicine through the bloodstream

GOP-led House ready to OK lawsuit against Obama

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Republicans accuse US president of exceeding his powers while enforcing healthcare law

Gaza war can’t stop Israel’s tech deals

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Bloomberg: Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, Israeli companies have gotten about $600 million in investments

Yeshivas cancel vacation in solidarity with IDF troops

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Rabbis call on students to continue Torah studies, avoid field trips while soldiers are engaged in Gaza combat

Gaza conflict to dent, not break Israel economy

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Reuters: Operation Protective Edge will cost the country billions, but it should not have a long-termn negative effect, experts say

Many Israelis get top-secret ‘news’ from WhatsApp: poll

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Social media spreads reports, true or false, like wildfire, survey says, and the potential for damage is great

Promoters hold out hope for some culture this summer

Wednesday July 30, 2014
With news of Kansas band cancellation, organizers try to keep other performances on the calendar

To defeat Hamas, let them ‘win’

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Israel may not be able to just ‘declare victory and go home,’ but it can play smart

IDF: Deadly fire on UN school a response to mortar attack

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Officials says several Israeli tank shells hit building used as a shelter; 15 Palestinians killed, 90 wounded

Deif the Islamic holy warrior unites Hamas

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Attack on IDF post that killed five soldiers is being utilized to portray terror chief as an Islamist superhero, and he won’t want the adulation to fade

Academic rebuked for expressing sympathy for Gaza victims

Wednesday July 30, 2014
Bar-Ilan University scrutinizes law professor for reflecting a political position in an email to his students

Qatar: American friend, Israeli foe

Wednesday July 30, 2014
By working closely with Hamas-championing Qatar on the Gaza conflict, the US has sent Israel the wrong message, says American expert

Here’s my thousand bucks, UNHRC

Wednesday July 30, 2014
How about using it to investigate the abuse Hamas committed against the rights of its own children

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