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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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For Nazareth, Israel is the murderer, Egypt the accomplice

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Thousands heed call of the Israeli Arab leadership to express outrage over Gaza operation, decry Arab betrayal

Lone soldiers follow long Diaspora tradition

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Nearly 2,000 foreign volunteers currently serve in IDF, many of whom are American citizens

In the press, weighing fight versus flight

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Ceasefire efforts and a mounting death toll face off against Israel’s objective of destroying Gaza’s labyrinth of tunnels. Everybody, of course, has an opinion

Edinburgh artists mull Israel boycott

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Statement denounces ‘brutal assault’ on Gaza prior to upcoming fringe festival

Turkey’s Erdogan: ‘I no longer talk to Obama’

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Turkish PM admits to growing strain between Ankara and Washington over conflicts in Syria, Gaza

France raid nets three suspected jihadists

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Two men and a woman accused of trying to recruit fighters and planning attacks on French soil

Egypt suggests restarting peace talks as part of ceasefire bid

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Egyptian FM meets with Kerry, who says he wants to end fighting and find ‘a way to deal with the underlying issues’

Netanyahu: Hamas ‘grotesque’ but there’s hope for truce

Tuesday July 22, 2014
PM lambastes ‘some in the West’ who support Israel’s right to defend itself ‘as long as it don’t exercise that right’

Another enemy we need to fight

Tuesday July 22, 2014
We must fight what Hamas’s inhumanity is doing to our own hearts

Nazi war crimes suspect, 89, hospitalized in US

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Johann Breyer has admitted he was a guard at Auschwitz, denies being involved in killings

Video shows Hamas terrorists in Gaza tunnels

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Footage broadcast in Arab world details underground network used to attack Israel, also shows rockets fired from portals

France condemns Gaza ‘massacres,’ calls for ceasefire

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Foreign Minister Fabius vows to act ‘forcefully’ to demand an immediate end to the fighting

Golani soldier Oron Shaul caught in Gaza ambush is MIA

Tuesday July 22, 2014
In carefully worded statement, IDF says the remains of only 6 of the 7 soldiers ambushed in Shejaiya Sunday have been identified

Where were you, British Jewry?

Tuesday July 22, 2014
For just 1,500 people to turn out to an important rally for Israel is a disgrace, and the inaction of Jewish communal organisations is partly to blame

Army foils attempt to smuggle weapons, weed from Jordan

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Five men detained after boat sails across Dead Sea carrying shotguns, pistols, and marijuana

Dermer: IDF deserves Nobel Peace Prize for ‘unimaginable restraint’

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Addressing Christian supporters, ambassador to the US says ‘Israeli soldiers are dying so that innocent Palestinians can live’

I want to mourn for Gaza

Tuesday July 22, 2014
I grieve for the innocent people of Gaza. I grieve for their lives in the prison of Hamas’s making

AIPAC decries extension of Iran nuclear deadline

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Negotiations were given another four months after Tehran refused to relinquish its uranium enrichment capabilities

Alaskan immigrants trade grizzlies for Gaza rockets

Tuesday July 22, 2014
Undeterred by ongoing conflict, new arrivals brave 5,848 mile relocation to Israel

Nine IDF soldiers killed in battles with Hamas Monday

Monday July 21, 2014
Two more soldiers killed in afternoon in addition to seven early Monday as IDF toll rises to 27; four were hit by Hamas terrorists who tunneled into Israel with plan to attack kibbutz

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