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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Treasurer bars self from resolving gas field monopoly

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Moshe Kahlon cites friendship with Tamar rig part-owner, draws flak for earlier electioneering vows to deal with issue

Jihadists, Palestinians battle in Syria’s Yarmouk

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Palestinian official reports ‘intermittent’ fighting, says IS trying to retake center of camp

US: Shiite name of Iraqi operation ‘not helpful’

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Pentagon disappointed with military campaign title, ‘We are at your service, Hussein,’ says it could aggravate sectarian tensions

Israel asking US for 50% increase in next defense package

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Raise would bring annual military funding to $4.5 billion; US, Israeli officials in talks for 10-year deal

Hoteliers claim Gaza war cost tourism 1 NIS billion

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Israel Hotel Association says drop in bookings by tourists from abroad took heavy toll on industry

Rocket fired from Gaza hits southern Israel

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Missile hits near Gan Yavne, outside Ashdod, no injuries or damage reported; attack apparently result of internal Islamic Jihad dispute

Dust and ashes: Israel’s Burning Man explodes in the Negev

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Desert art festival with 7,000 goes forth despite challenges with police permits, two bomb disposals and a fatal heart attack

Border guards fired, but not prosecuted, for stealing from Palestinians

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Airports Authority cans five workers who were stealing at Allenby Bridge crossing, but doesn’t hand them over to police

Interfaith service held at pork-desecrated Holocaust memorial

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Hundreds attend ceremony after chunks of raw meat found on Boston-area monument in suspected hate crime

World needs tech — even GMO — to produce food, say advocates

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Genetic modification might not be the ideal way to produce more food, but it’s a necessary one, says agritech expert Rurik Halaby

French diplomat warns Iran deal unlikely by deadline

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Gerard Araud says understandings by June 30 could just be ‘fuzzy air'; German, UK envoys warn sanctions could be lifted without deal

Police to explore decriminalizing pot

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Police chief Yohanan Danino to review policies on recreational cannabis use; lawmaker ready to push bill

Police detain mayor of Or Yehuda over sexual offenses

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Several colleagues file formal complaints against David Yosef, who is also suspected of misusing public funds

Netanyahu two-faced on two-states? Maybe not

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Don’t be fooled: the PM’s reported willingness to discuss borders only seems like a breakthrough; in fact, he still sees a two-state outcome as desirable, but currently impossible

Another mob kingpin slapped with murder charges

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Assi Abutbul, who is in prison, suspected along with two others of two hits and two attempted assassinations

After health tech, GE spotlights Israeli cyber-security

Tuesday May 26, 2015
The international electronics firm is holding a hackathon to discover new ways to protect manufacturing

Ethiopian-Israeli soldier assaulted by cops suing police

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Damas Pakada seeking $100,000 in damages for attack, which he says was racially motivated

Back to books for Eurovision also-ran

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Nadav Guedj, back from ninth palce finish at contest, can’t escape the responsibilities of a 16-year-old

Obama’s seder was scene of tantrum

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Girl melts down at 7th annual White House Passover feast

Groups call on Croatia to end collaborators’ pensions

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Croation human rights group joins Simon Wiesenthal Center in asking government to stop giving money to known former Nazi helpers

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