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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Israel’s ‘cashless society’ won’t pay, say critics

Monday June 2, 2014
A plan to limit the use of cash contains too many logistical and legal problems, economists and attorneys say

Yachimovich breaks ranks, supports Rivlin presidency

Monday June 2, 2014
Former Labor chief snubs fellow Labor MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, calls Likud hopeful the ‘most suitable’ candidate

Polish oil terminal installs Israeli security solutions

Monday June 2, 2014
UPI: The system, from NICE, makes it easier for personnel to keep an eye on everything

Fusic turns boring selfies into MTV music videos

Monday June 2, 2014
An Israeli app lets users integrate their version of a song with the one sung by their favorite singer

After unity, Israel to hold PA responsible for rocket fire

Monday June 2, 2014
Senior ministers vote to boycott new Palestinian government; Netanyahu calls Abbas a ‘peace rejectionist’

The government is unified, but the Palestinians aren’t

Monday June 2, 2014
Despite the swearing-in of a new cabinet in Ramallah Monday, Hamas’s refusal to relinquish power in Gaza shows that obstacles will still abound

Indian businessmen announce grant to promote Hindi in Israel

Monday June 2, 2014
IBP LIve: For business or cultural purposes, Tel Aviv University students are invited to study India’s national tongue

Palestinians may be forced to seek new prisoner salary benefactors

Monday June 2, 2014
Despite infighting, ministry in charge of prisoners to remain, but international pressure over money paid to security inmates means Arab states may be asked to foot the bill

Rami Hamdallah, an interim Palestinian PM who lasted

Monday June 2, 2014
The little-known teacher-turned-politician receives the backing of both Fatah and Hamas

Hamas PM says armed brigade ‘in good condition’

Monday June 2, 2014
Outgoing leader praises new government, but indicates armed wing in Gaza will remain intact despite national reconciliation

Bennett: PA government made up of ‘terrorists in suits’

Monday June 2, 2014
Left-right divide seen in Israeli reactions to Palestinian unity government; Yair Lapid warns against overreaction

The Bible’s song of erotic lust

Monday June 2, 2014
The Song of Songs’ scorching prose evokes the fiery personal relationship that Judaism seeks with God

Brussels gunman’s journey from rocky childhood to jihad

Monday June 2, 2014
Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, hails from a poor area in France, spent time in foster homes, and was jailed five times

Olmert’s judge summoned for discussing trial

Monday June 2, 2014
Supreme Court chief justice demands explanation from David Rozen over public comments on former PM’s conviction

So, nu? Are Jews still funny?

Monday June 2, 2014
Alan Zweig’s documentary ‘When Jews Were Funny’ is one part history lesson, two parts conversation on assimilation

Stones to roll in late Monday night

Monday June 2, 2014
Yarkon Park is set with a 34-meter stage and backstage area that includes a gym and spa

Clashes in Libya’s Benghazi kill 10 people

Monday June 2, 2014
A rogue general battles Islamists in the hope of defeating terrorism in the city

The ‘Messiah on the Hill’

Monday June 2, 2014
Munib al-Masri, the Palestinian billionaire, wants Bibi Netanyahu to stop being a prisoner to his coalition

Palestinians hail unity as new government sworn in

Monday June 2, 2014
Abbas praises ‘end of Palestinian division,’ indicates Ramallah will continue statehood drive; ceremony goes ahead after last-minute dispute

Spanish king to abdicate in favor of son

Monday June 2, 2014
Juan Carlos I, whose health is failing, will step aside and allow Crown Prince Felipe to take the throne

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