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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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PA eyes The Hague as Abbas accuses Israel of ‘genocide’

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Palestinian leader invokes Auschwitz during emergency meeting; PLO calls for world’s protection

West in push to stop flow of jihadists

Wednesday July 9, 2014
EU ministers meet in Milan to put together a plan of action aimed at identifying Europeans who fought in Syria

Mayhem as MK cites Nazi collaborator

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Ruth Calderon of Yesh Atid widely mocked for quoting head of Vichy France in Facebook appeal for ‘maturity, restraint’

US probe: Terrorists never intended to keep seized teens alive

Wednesday July 9, 2014
FBI investigation, initiated because Naftali Fraenkel held US citizenship, says slain Israeli teenagers were shot 10 times

Netanyahu, Ya’alon and Rahab the harlot

Wednesday July 9, 2014
What’s the source of the phrase ‘their blood is upon their heads,’ used by the prime minister and defense minister?

Egypt urges end to Gaza violence but says no mediation

Wednesday July 9, 2014
President el-Sissi has said Hamas alienated Egyptians by backing Muslim Brotherhood

Israel and Hamas caught in a deadly embrace

Wednesday July 9, 2014
As the two sides continue to exchange fire, is an Israeli ground offensive on the way?

Ten points on day two of Israel’s new war with Hamas

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Why Israel shouldn’t use ground forces, underestimate its enemies, or get carried away by ‘success’

Unintended consequences risk $4.4 billion Israeli flight

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Bloomberg: Unhappy with new rules that the government is trying to impose on them, some of Israel’s wealthiest families may move their money elsewhere

Arab media largely indifferent to defensive Hamas

Wednesday July 9, 2014
As Al-Qassam Brigades threaten Israel, the organization’s political wing is more annoyed over PA apathy

The show, in a safe room, must go on

Wednesday July 9, 2014
English-language play festival in Tel Aviv will open Wednesday in a space its director says is protected from rocket fire

Hackers threaten ‘Israhell’ cyber-attack over Gaza

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Israel already faces a million cyber-attacks a day; things might get worse before they get better, say experts

Holocaust survivor, billionaire Azrieli dies at 92

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Philanthropist and architect who built iconic Tel Aviv towers, 13 major shopping malls passes away in Canada

Google Glass in the hands (and eyes) of doctors

Wednesday July 9, 2014
An ‘early adopter’ discusses how the new in-the-eye computer system can help save lives

Israel shares gain on economy bets amid rockets over Tel Aviv

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Businessweek: Despite the multiple missile attacks on Israel’s financial center, investors are optimistic about the economy’s future

Syrian opposition elects new leader

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Hadi el-Bahra inherits the task of trying to unite factions and keep campaign to topple Assad alive

Canadian-Israeli real estate billionaire Azrieli dies at 92

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Globe and Mail: The pioneer of the mall in Israeli, whose name the tallest buildings in the country bear, is remembered for his philanthropy as well

Iran: ‘Substantial differences’ remain in Vienna

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Diplomats familiar with the talks say uranium enrichment is the main bone of contention between the parties

Man wearing Star of David attacked in Berlin park

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Investigators suspect anti-Semitic right-wing hate crime, which is ‘becoming more common’ in Germany

Netanyahu orders army to intensify Gaza operation

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Terrorists fire dozens of missiles from the Strip, reaching northern Israel; officials warn of a long military campaign

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