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Monday, March 2, 2015

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Israel is our only homeland

Sunday March 1, 2015
It is incorrect to claim that Jewish tradition equates life in the Diaspora with a life lived in Israel

Swedish town nixes statue of woman hitting neo-Nazi

Sunday March 1, 2015
City official says it glorifies violence; protesters cite statues of men holding swords to question that logic

Embracing your inner Esther

Sunday March 1, 2015
Modern Orthodox women should vote for the Religious Zionist Slate at the World Zionist Congress

Mr. Bibi goes to Washington

Sunday March 1, 2015
It’s all eyes on Netanyahu in the Israeli press as the prime minister heads to Congress for his long-awaited address on Iran

In Lithuania, Yiddish teacher unlikely bulwark against far right

Sunday March 1, 2015
Dismissed from Vilnius University, Dovid Katz continues to stand against rising neo-Nazism

Try chocolate dough for a Purim change of pace

Sunday March 1, 2015
A step-by-step approach to making most impressive hamantaschen that will occupy your kids and wow your friends

A triangle of flavors from ancient Persia

Sunday March 1, 2015
Rosewater, white chocolate and pistachio hamantaschen will transport you to the days of Mordechai and Esther

With dozens bailing, will PM address empty seats at Congress?

Sunday March 1, 2015
In 2011, Netanyahu received 29 standing ovations. This time, applause will be less overwhelming, underlining rift in bilateral ties, expert says

Kerry asks Abbas to bar anti-Israel measures in Fatah conference

Sunday March 1, 2015
US secretary of state reportedly requests moratorium on diplomatic measures against Israel until after elections

Kerry: US deserves ‘benefit of the doubt’ on Iran

Sunday March 1, 2015
Security officials urge PM to cancel speech; Netanyahu’s ex-commander warns ‘goal is Tehran, not Washington’

Netanyahu heads to Washington for ‘historic’ speech

Sunday March 1, 2015
PM pledges to ‘do everything’ to protect Israel from prospect of nuclear Iran, despite White House disapproval of Congressional address

A win for Herpes

Sunday March 1, 2015
New York’s decision to permit oral suction in circumcisions without informed parental consent is disappointing

UN silence on a mortal threat to Israel

Sunday March 1, 2015
The world body stands idly by as Hezbollah aims its deadly arsenal at the Jewish State’s northern border

BDS push gains traction at US colleges

Sunday March 1, 2015
Israel divestment campaign challenges students to reconsider views on Palestinians

‘Jihadi John’ reportedly considered suicide in 2010

Sunday March 1, 2015
British Islamic State executioner, identified as Mohammed Emwazi, told a reporter of his anxiety over MI5 surveillance

Herzog: Netanyahu speech ‘solely for sake of elections’

Sunday March 1, 2015
‘Preaching to the choir in Congress won’t change a thing,’ Zionist Union leader says; Liberman: ‘We have to support him’

Ivanka Trump happy to be Jewish

Sunday March 1, 2015
Daughter of billionaire Donald Trump talks to Vogue magazine about how converting has blessed her family life

Former US secretary: Netanyahu speech ‘poisoning’ ties

Sunday March 1, 2015
Robert Reich, who headed Department of Labor under Clinton, says Tuesday’s Congress address pitting Jews against Israel

No-bake treats to make with the kinder for Purim

Sunday March 1, 2015
Are you as excited as we are by the thought of chocolate-covered Rice Krispie hamentashen treats on a stick?

El-Sissi leading a Churchillian fight against Hamas

Saturday February 28, 2015
As a Cairo court defines the entire Gaza Islamist group as a terror organization, Egypt’s president shows he’s more than just talk

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