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Monday, July 6, 2015

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Updated: 8 min 29 sec ago

History buffs reenact Holy Land crusader battle

17 min 40 sec ago
Aficionados recreate 1187 clash between Saladin and Christian army from the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Greece in uncharted territory after referendum ‘no’ vote

Sunday July 5, 2015
How European officials react will be critical for the country; eurozone summit called for Tuesday

London police slammed for not arresting man draped in IS flag

Sunday July 5, 2015
Officers spoke to the man, also carrying a small child, but decided not to act because his actions did not constitute ‘a criminal offense’

UK’s Princess Charlotte christened with ‘sterilized’ water from River Jordan

Sunday July 5, 2015
Water came from the Jordanian side after being ‘cleaned and blessed,’ according to a Jordanian official

Lions cubs kept as pets in Gaza arrive in Jordan

Sunday July 5, 2015
Mona, Max make their way to Hashemite Kingdom where their final destination will be a wildlife sanctuary

Greek FM visits Israel amid crisis at home

Sunday July 5, 2015
Nikolaos Kotzias to meet with Netanyahu, other Israeli officials for trip with ‘economic emphasis’

Israel gears up to battle Iran deal in Congress

Sunday July 5, 2015
Many in Jerusalem think efforts to block accord are a lost cause as world powers prepare to resume substantial economic dealings with Tehran

Chinese company connects Tel Aviv rail, Tehran

Sunday July 5, 2015
China Railway Tunnel Group’s parent company has business ties with corporation linked to Iran’s nuclear facilities

Dome of Rock tops CNN list of sites on ‘verge of extinction'; no place for Palmyra

Sunday July 5, 2015
Jerusalem holy place at No. 1 on ‘Last chance to see’ list. Syrian city, whose iconic 2,000-year-old lion was smashed last week, misses out. And what about Peru?

Rubbing salt out of a wound, a storied artifact goes on sale

Sunday July 5, 2015
A 16th-century salt cellar, part of a collection looted by the Nazis 80 years ago, will finally be sold for its intended charitable purpose

Top officials from UN atomic watchdog head to Iran

Sunday July 5, 2015
IAEA chief Yukiya Amano says progress made toward restarting stalled nuclear probe, but ‘more work’ still needed

At least six injured in Galilee drive-by shooting

Sunday July 5, 2015
Family of five among victims moderately injured after motorcycle rider opens fire in Jadeidi-Makr

‘Now is the time’ for nuclear deal, world powers warn Iran

Sunday July 5, 2015
Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair urges Kerry to take his time, make sure red lines not crossed in final agreement

Greeks celebrate after rebuffing Europe over debt deal

Sunday July 5, 2015
After over half of the votes tallied, 61% cast ‘No’ ballot in referendum; PM thanks Greeks for making ‘very brave choice,’ opposition leader resigns

Making amends, minister’s wife joins team Obama

Sunday July 5, 2015
In video calling on MKs to support same-sex marriage, Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes says she is now the US president’s ‘biggest fan’

A generation of persistence pays off for the Schechter Institutes

Sunday July 5, 2015
30 years on, Conservative Judaism’s academic center in Jerusalem celebrates its impact on Israeli Jewish pluralism

Egypt kills 63 gunmen in north Sinai — security sources

Sunday July 5, 2015
Military strikes back at Islamic State affiliate group after Wednesday’s assault that killed scores

Top economic aide: With right policies, Israel avoided Greece’s fate

Sunday July 5, 2015
Just a decade ago, says Professor Eugene Kandel, the Israeli and Greek economies were on a par. Not anymore

Greeks narrowly reject European credit deal, polls show

Sunday July 5, 2015
Unofficial results from national referendum could see Greece exit eurozone

New details emerge about Tunisia gunman’s past

Sunday July 5, 2015
Tunisian PM: Attacker was member of dance club and worked in tourism; mother insists son was ‘brainwashed’

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