The Cjn Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Management reserves the right to refuse or delay any advertisement for any reason, and/or to make any necessary corrections and/or revisions without notice to the advertiser. The management will not be held responsible for content of any advertisement received that requires translation.

The management is not responsible for any original advertising material after one month of the last date of advertising.

Advertisers and advertising representatives are wholly responsible for content materials contained in advertisement. Upon ordering advertising, the customer (advertiser) agrees to reimburse and compensate both the publisher and the printer for any court costs incurred in the event of a lawsuit that may result due to the content of aforementioned advertisement.

Advertisements published in editorial form will be clearly noted as a paid advertisement.

In the event an advertiser does not give specific, written and detailed instructions regarding the advertisement in question, the management will not be held responsible for the appearance and/or content of advertisement(s) that are published in the print publication. Instructions regarding advertising given via telephone are to be approved in writing by both parties within a reasonable timeframe.

No discount will be given in the event of an error in advertisement that does not affect or influence the content of the ad. In the event that management and/or printer is responsible for an error in advertisement purchased, the customer will be eligible to have the aforementioned advertisement placed again in the print edition, but only if the content of the ad was altered in any way. Under no circumstances will the cost of corrections to the ad be added to the cost of the original ad, when the original ad is considered as a new advertisement.

Agency commissions are 15 percent for recognized advertising agencies.

Cross-venue and multiple insertion discounts are available.

Early cancellation of contracts will result in penalties equaling 25% of unpaid contract amount, or 1 month's fees for every three months of cancelled advertising.

Cancellation of pre-paid advertising will result in a 25% cancellation fee. This includes advertising campaigns that for whatever reason did not commence.