The Cjn Demographics

The CJN Demographics

- Audience Demographics

- Affluence-Influence-Confidence

- Active, involved readership makes The CJN an ideal market!

The Canadian Jewish News delivers you an audience worth reaching, and they are located right in the heart of Canada's two richest urban centres ...Toronto and Montreal.

More than 25% of the households that CJN reaches each week have annual incomes of over $130,000 with average household incomes at $88,000 and $97,000 in Montreal and Toronto respectively.

The CJN reaches an influential audience of men and women...leaders in the communities, setting both lifestyle and buying trends...An audience rich in heritage and tradition. ...A market with an established interest in travel, fashion, beauty, financial planning and investment. In cars. In homes. In families. ...Plus an appreciation of quality and value before price, that says “opportunity” for retailers and marketers.

An independent study conducted in July 2006 by Rotenberg Research reveals the facts that point to the impressive audience of The CJN.

The CJN has all the facts to back up what we've always known...The Canadian Jewish News is Canada's premier target market for sales results.

- Readership Characteristics

- New research pinpoints marketing opportunities!

A July 2006 survey delivered to readers in their CJN resulted in 4,000 responses from the Toronto and Montreal editions.

This independent research launched by The CJN was prepared and tabulated by Rotenberg Research. The demographic quality of The CJN audience was clearly established.

An impressive amount of data on readership patterns and interest was gathered, proving beyond any doubt that CJN is a publication that commands both the respect and attention of a broad base of influential consumers in the rich urban markets of Toronto and Montreal.

Average readership across Canada is 2.5 per copy or 100,000 readers. The more than three quarters of an hour that the majority of readers spend with each issue of CJN is of significant importance to advertisers. This one fact establishes CJN as a publication that is well and thoroughly a loyal and influential audience, and that creates exceptional selling opportunities for alert advertisers issue after issue.